Permanent Town Building Committee

There shall be a Permanent Town Building Committee, consisting of 7 members, appointed by the Select Board for three years. For initial appointment, three members will be appointed for three years; two members appointed for two years, two members for one year. Thereafter, members will serve three-year terms. The composition of the committee shall include, to the extent possible, one attorney, one architect, one civil/mechanical or structural engineer, and an individual who is primarily engaged in the construction business.  The School Committee, Select Board and Capital Planning Committee may appoint non-voting liaisons to this committee.


  • MaryBeth Bergeron, Chair, exp. 2025
  • Vacancy, exp. 2026
  • Tom Ewing, exp. 2023
  • Vincent McPartland, exp. 2025
  • Kirstin Avery, exp. 2024
  • Kiernan Mulcahy, exp. 2025
  • Vacancy, exp. 2025

Upon the initial appointment, the Permanent Town Building Committee shall draft policies and procedures for review and approval by the Select Board.

The function and duties of the Permanent Town Building Committee shall be to advise the Town Manager and Select Board on the future needs for Town buildings and to review and comment on capital projects related to Town buildings including schools.  In addition, the committee shall serve as an advisory design review committee and review new construction and/or renovations of Town buildings.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Evaluate use of buildings-advise on current use of space and ways to improve it
  • Monitor large maintenance projects and advise on progress
  • Periodically review and maintain the inventory of buildings
  • Advise on the long-term building needs list for the town
  • Review the work of prior town building committees 

Approved by the Select Board January 9, 2017