FY22 Stormwater Fee - $5.55/ERU

FY23 Stormwater Fee - $6.41/ERU

FY24 Stormwater Fee- $7.61 / ERU 

All residential properties are billed for 1 ERU/month, regardless of parcel size. 

Non-residential properties are billed based on parcel size on a declining block rate structure.

Stormwater Asset Management Program

OutfallLongmeadow is assessing the municipal drainage system to support development of a Stormwater Asset Management Program, as part of a MassDEP Grant. Personnel from the Longmeadow Department of Public Works and a hired consultant, Tighe & Bond, will be visiting stormwater structures throughout Town in December 2022 and Spring 2023 – you may see them inspecting outfalls (where stormwater pipes discharge to wetlands, streams, wooded areas), catch basins, drain manholes, and culverts in your neighborhood. Remember, when pet waste, leaves, or litter is thrown in catch basins, it can clog the drain pipes and lead to flooding, pollute our waterways, and harm the local wildlife. 

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