Local Casino Mitigation Advisory Committee

The LCMAC was created by MGL Ch. 23K Section 68: Gaming policy advisory committee

The LCMAC is part of a comprehensive mechanism established by the Massachusetts expanded Gaming Act to enable communities to be part of an advisory process that provides valuable advice to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission on issues that impact those communities.

The LCMAC subcommittee (of the Gaming Policy Advisory Committee) shall develop recommendations to be considered by the commission to address issues of community mitigation as a result of the development of gaming establishments in the Commonwealth. Each Local Community Mitigation Advisory Committee may provide information and develop recommendations for the Community Mitigation Advisory Subcommittee on any issues related to the gaming establishment located in its region including, but not limited to: (i) issues of community mitigation; (ii) ways in which funds may be expended from the Community Mitigation Fund; and (iii) the impact of the gaming establishments on the host and surrounding communities. Additionally, each Local Community Mitigation Advisory Committee may present information to the Commission consistent with the rules of the Commission on any issues related to the gaming establishment located in its region.

Members of the LCMAC are considered a Special State Employee and, in accordance with Mass General Laws, cannot be an employee, elected official, or appointed board/committee member for the Town.  The LCMAC annually reviews the expenditure of funds from the Community Mitigation Fund and make recommendations to the commission relative to appropriate and necessary use of community mitigation funds.

GPAC Flow Chart