Longmeadow Community Earth Day Clean-up ---Together let's make Longmeadow Sparkle!-- It's in our hands!

Thanks for volunteering to clean up Longmeadow!


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Long Items to Recycle

2021- We collected 1.44 tons or 2880 pounds of trash and 600 pounds of recyclables! Volunteers also collected hazardous waste that was brought to a recycling hazardous waste facility. 

Amazing job to everyone who volunteered and helped clean our community!

2022- We collected -1.23 tons (or 2,460 pounds of garbage)

- 800 pounds of recyclables

Thank you to all of the earth day organizers, team leads, and volunteers for your hard work and commitment in making our town cleaner and healthier! The teams collected an impressive amount of trash and Longmeadow is shining today because of these diligent efforts.  

Look out for information on this page about future Earth Day Cleanup Events in Town.