Mass Save Program


Longmeadow is partnering with Mass Save and HomeWorks Energy to conducts no cost home energy audits, helping Longmeadow households save energy and money. Call or email Homeworks Energy to set up an appt. HomeWorks Energy will be tracking our savings so we can see how were making progress!

Ph- 781-305-3319

Energy Savings Stories from Longmeadow Residents-

When we moved into our house, the gas boiler was original to the house from 1962. Our first winter gas bill was $650, we were floored. We decided to use Mass Save rebates loans and install a high-efficiency boiler. Our bills are now $200 a month. We also installed more insulation at a 75% discount and later on put solar panels on the house. We feel great about the energy improvements we made to our house.- Liz B

Several years ago we added solar panels to our home. We worked with the solar provider to maintain our desired physical appearance of the house, meaning that all of the panels are on the back roof. We purchased the panels ourselves thanks to tax incentives from the state and federal government. We have seen significant cost savings on our electric bills which have been annually reduced by around 80%. This has been especially helpful recently with the rising cost of electricity. -Kevin

I have lived in Longmeadow for more than 30 years and the house we moved into in 1988 was built in 1957. We are its second owners. And like so many other residents in town whose homes are more than 50 years old, ours had been built when building codes required little in the way of insulation and weatherization. We had our first Mass Save audit in 2013 and we have had 3 more since then. Our first weatherization project was to increase the attic insulation and air sealing: the total for all this work exceeded $2000. Our share of the cost was $125. And we immediately saw utility savings in our gas heating bill and we saved over $700 in the first year; we immediately saved $2575. We continue to save every year since. Each audit has provided additional energy benefits and, even though we are all experiencing increasing utility costs, our heating costs continue to benefit from all of these energy efficiency improvements. We have saved moneyonn our utility bills and by receiving rebates for the work done throughout the years.- Andrea

In 2019 we were finally able to install solar panels. Improvements to these panels meant that even though our house has a good deal of morning shade, we have been able to harness the power of the sun to produce more than enough electricity for our needs. We purchased the 33 panels when Longmeadow initiated the solarization project which allowed a reduction in the price because so many homeowners participated in the project. We immediately received a $10,000 credit from the federal government and we have been receiving monthly checks from the utility company because of the incentive program for owning the panels. We pay nothing for our electrical bill for 10 months of the year. We do pay a small electrical bill for January and February when there is less daylight. So, for the years 2020, 2021, and 2022, we have paid a total of $360 for our electricity. We benefit from LED lighting, high energy efficiency appliances, and the power of renewable energy.- Jonathan

We have learned so much about energy savings from our Mass Save energy audits. The technicians were extremely knowledgeable and made great recommendations considering the house is the fourth oldest in Longmeadow. They pointed out appliances that would typically use more electricity, especially older models and how to set up TV and computer equipment to not draw electricity constantly. The energy audits also included water saving shower heads, LED bulbs, power saving strips, and safety advice, too! There was a small amount of back flow from an older furnace. Soon after, we replaced the inefficient furnace with a new system, taking advantage of both substantial rebates and a no interest loan. We were also informed that the brick and dirt cellar would need some type of sealing in order to safely add insulation and avoid trapping any mold or mildew. The sealing of cellar walls and floors are underway. Acting on their advice, we shored up some areas with drafts around doors, windows and under the kitchen nook open space below. Just like anything in life, these audits are a process, homeowners need time to save up for major changes.  The energy savings are very worthwhile for those who are patient and willing to act. We now have a heat/cooling pump in the kitchen, which was the coldest room in the winter and hottest in the summer. Again we took advantage of both great rebates and the no interest loan for the upgrade. The energy audits are free and available every two years. We tell as many people about this wonderful feature as possible. Our neighbors just had highly discounted insulation added to the walls per a Mass Save authorized installer. They say the rooms are so much quieter now, which is great since we are neighbors on Longmeadow Street. We strongly recommend and encourage Mass Save energy audits! - Dan I. & Marie H., of Longmeadow Street, Longmeadow, MA.