What to do with...

Longmeadow operates a waste reduction program.  It is important to know when items can be recycled verses disposed.

Please see our what to do with items document for a list of how to handle disposing/recycling

What to do with...

Recyclopedia for Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection

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As of November 1st, 2022, textiles are banned from disposal in Massachusetts. Give textiles a second life by donating them for reuse and repurposing.  “Textiles” includes clothes, shoes, linens, towels, curtains, and cloth accessories. 

  • Textiles should never go in your household recycling bin. They also do not belong in the trash, unless they are wet, moldy, or contaminated.
  • Textiles aren’t actually “recycled” in the way cans, bottles, and paper are. They must be separated and handled by organizations that know how to sort them for three types of use: resale as second-hand clothing; cutting into shop rags; and shredding into fiber for insulation, carpet padding, and soundproofing.  
  •  Drop off textiles at designated collection bins or donate them to your favorite charity or thrift store. 
    • Longmeadow Recycle Center has a Salvation Army bin for textiles (with recycle pass)
    • Hartsprings Foundation conducts a textile collection the first Saturday of every month at the Longmeadow Shops from 10-1PM.  Call 1-888-413-2227 to schedule residential pick up.
batteries dispose


The following batteries are hazardous and accepted in specially marked containers at the Recycing Center, Library, and Town Hall

Button BatteriesLithium Batteries
Rechargeable BatteriesMercury Batteries
Cellphone Batteries

Alkaline Batteries can be thrown into the regular curbside trash.


Paper and cardboard must be clean and dry in order to be recycled. Place out on the curb on paper/cardboard recycling weeks.  Cardboard must be flattened and cut down to no larger than 3'x3'. Do not put into plastic bags.


Styrofoam is not recyclable and should be put in curbside trash.

Plastic Bags

Plastic Bag Recycling in Retail Stores Only

Never put plastic bags in your blue recycling bins, or put recyclables inside plastic bags. Put recyclables directly into your blue bins.

Medication and Sharps

Unwanted medication is accepted at the Longmeadow Police Station, 34 Williams Street.

Sharps/needles may NOT be placed in the household trash, contact the Board of Health for more information 413-565-4140. There is also a sharps box drop off site at the Longmeadow Adult Center, 211 Maple Road. 

Tree Debris and Yard Waste

The Longmeadow Recycle Center has a yard waste pile for any tree debris or yard waste (grass clippings, leaves, etc.).  Branches may not be larger than 3 inches in diameter.  In the fall, the town opens a leaf sit down on West Road for leaves only (Recycle Center Pass is required).  All other times a year leaves should be brought to the Recycle Center.

If a tree belt tree drops a large branch, the DPW can be contacted, 413-567-3400 or publicworks@longmeadow.org.  The DPW will not collect branches/debris that is not from a town owned tree.


Latex paint can be left at curbside with your weekly trash. Remove the lid and let dry completely to a solid state. To aid in drying, add kitty litter to paint and stir. You may leave the paint cans out at the curb (not in a container/blue bag/town cart).

Oil based paint is considered Hazardous Waste, please see our program with NEDT for disposal

Longmeadow Hazardous Waste Porgram