Crack Sealing

The Longmeadow Public Works Department has contracted Sealcoating, Inc., d/b/a Indus to crack seal the following streets:

Wolf Swamp Road

Lawrence Drive

Rosemore Street

Williams Street

Shaker Road

Primrose Drive

Glenwood Circle

Edgewood Avenue

Warren Terrace

Warren Terrace Ext.

Colton Place

Longfellow Drive

Mill Road

Birch Road

Barclay Street / Albemarle Road

Maple Road

Maple Terrace

Norway Street

Longview Drive

Barrington Road


Note street list is subject to change based on unit price gallons applied, streets are listed in order to be completed.

The work is scheduled to begin April 18, 2023, weather dependent. Project completion is expected to be  before July 1st, 2023.

The work covered by this project consists of cleaning and sealing of random cracks in pavements, including vegetation removal and sterilization of cracks, where necessary.

Longmeadow Crack Sealing Program 2023