Town of Longmeadow Active Recreation Area Conditions Assessment



The survey can be completed here

Longmeadow, MA (April 10, 2023) — The Town of Longmeadow solicits public input and feedback regarding outdoor active recreation areas via a virtual public survey launched today. All Longmeadow residents, users of Longmeadow recreation areas and stakeholders are encouraged to fill out the survey, which is designed to support the Outdoor Active Recreation Area Conditions Assessment and Strategic Plan, a recreational initiative that will bring the public, municipal officials and staff, and private sporting organizations together to establish goals and priorities for maintaining and improving outdoor active recreation areas for future years.

Via the survey, residents and community members will rank and comment on Town’s outdoor active recreation facilities, specifically in regards to how they are currently used, levels of satisfaction with the existing facilities, and how they can be improved. This survey also provides an opportunity to comment on active recreation facilities that may be missing or insufficient. Survey results will ultimately inform the recommendations and priorities to be presented in the final Outdoor Active Recreation Area Conditions Assessment and Strategic Plan. The survey can be completed here

“Hearing first-hand from the users of the active recreation areas about the areas they are using, what needs improving and what needs consideration for removal, renovation or addition, is paramount to this plan’s success,” stated Town Manager Lyn N. Simmons, adding “Comprehensive maintenance and use plans are critical to ensuring our fiscal dollars are wisely spent while also providing a guide to ensure we all work toward the same goals.”

“Longmeadow is endowed with a rich diversity of both active and passive recreation spaces, especially for a Town without room to expand geographically. Our active recreation spaces are only as good as they are useful to Town residents, and it is the hope of the Parks and Recreation Commission that every resident uses this survey to reflect on what we have and what we could have to help the Town strengthen and imagine new opportunities!” says Andrew Berke, Chair of the Parks and Recreation Commission.

Programming and scheduling of Longmeadow’s active recreation facilities is managed by the Parks and Recreation Department, while maintenance is managed by Department of Public Works. Both departments work together to ensure useful, safe, and attractive facilities, and have been collaborating on the development of the Strategic Plan. The Plan will guide the future planning, maintenance, and improvement efforts of outdoor active recreation facilities and ensure all future municipal investments are data-driven and targeted to areas of greatest need.

“This is an exciting opportunity to hear from our residents regarding the amenities, field improvements and initiatives they wish to see. I encourage everyone who uses our facilities to please take the time to share their thoughts with us,” says Bari Jarvis, Director of Parks and Recreation. Focused specifically on outdoor active recreation facilities such athletic fields, playgrounds, pools, tennis courts, etc., the data gleaned from this survey will tie into existing plans such as the 2020 Open Space and Recreation Plan and the ongoing Long Range Plan update. Most importantly for advocates of improving the Town’s sporting facilities, survey results will help inform decision-making in regard to the annual budget process, the municipal capital planning process, and the expenditure of Community Preservation Act funds, and the formulation of grant applications to relevant funding agencies.

This Strategic Plan is facilitated by environmental consultants SLR, who have completed similar projects for similarly sized communities throughout New England. Funding for this plan was approved at the May 2022 Annual Town Meeting.


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