Active Recreation Area Conditions Assessment

At the Annual Town Meeting on May 10, 2022, Article 3 provided funding for conducting an Active Recreation Area Conditions Assessment to create an accurate needs assessment (both user needs and maintenance) of our playgrounds, pools, tennis courts, athletic fields (excluding Wolf Swamp) and basketball courts. A maintenance plan and prioritization list would be developed for each facility. A robust public engagement process would be part of developing the "Master Plan".

Funding for this project became available with the FY2023 Fiscal Year. A Request for Proposals (RFP) was issued in July 2022 soliciting proposals for a firm to create an outdoor active recreation area conditions assessment and strategic plan (advertised as Parks & Recreation Needs Assessment & Strategic Plan). Proposals were reviewed and the Town selected SLR for the work. 

The project kicked off with a meeting of SLR and town officials on October 5, 2022. Over the late fall and winter, site visits were conducted, data gathered, staff were interviewed. Separate surveys for both the sport association user groups and the general public were created. 

 In April 2023, the public survey was launched. The survey was promoted via the website, social media, email blasts, a press release, sign boards and announced at the May 16, 2023 Annual Town Meeting. When the survey closed in May 2023, 650 participants had completed it! 

The final report was completed in October 2023 and is available via the links below. 

The final report is broken down into three separate documents:

1. Longmeadow Active Recreation Area Assessment Final Report

Active Recreation Assessment Final Report Cover Page pictures of baseball field, tennis courts, play Opens in new window

2. Appendices

Appendices cover page showing softball and baseball teams

3. Wolf Swamp Field Appendices

appendix Wolf Swamp fields Opens in new window

The Public Presentation of the Active Recreation Area Conditions Assessment was held on November 1, 2023. 

Click here to see the slide deck that was used in the presentation.