Draft Tree Management Regulations

With the support of the Department of Public Works and the Tree Committee, the Tree Warden has began drafting regulations regarding town-owned trees & their protection. The purpose for these regulations will be to:

  • Illustrate the means and methods for requesting a tree hearing, and explain the process;
  • Provide a formal fine structure for town trees which were damaged or removed without consent from the Tree Warden;
  • Explain the process for obtaining a permit to conduct arboricultural work on town property;
  • Define the proper methods for tree planting to be used in town on town property; and
  • Define criteria for the protection of public trees to be followed during construction processes which may impact said trees.

At their December 19th 2023 meeting, the Tree Committee reviewed and discussed a portion of the draft regulations. These regulations are being modeled off the Tree Committee's existing Tree Manual. Below are the documents reviewed which includes a clean version of the draft and a version with in-line track edits.

- Draft Tree Management Regulations Clean Version

- Draft Tree Management Regulations In-line Edits

Further edits are in the process of being drafted and will be discussed at an upcoming Tree Committee meeting as an agenda item when completed. Please direct any questions regarding these edits to the Tree Warden Leah Grigorov by emailing lgrigorov@longmeadow.org.