Complete Streets

The Town’s Complete Streets bylaw was adopted at the Special Town Meeting November 3, 2015. A requirement of the Complete Streets Program is for the community to develop a Prioritization Plan. The Town's initial plan was created in 2017  with internal comment and review and submitted to MassDOT. There were 18 projects on the plan. 

The Town’s first Complete Street projects were approved by MassDOT in 2018, two out of the four projects were funded. In 2023, the DPW submitted and was approved for two additional Complete Streets projects that were on the 2017 Prioritization Plan. Those projects will begin in 2024.

The 2017 Prioritization Plan is now 6 years old. It is now time to update the Prioritization Plan. To help do this, public participation is needed. A small group will convene, along with members of the public to develop the new Prioritization Plan. Input is needed from the school community, the senior community, bicyclists, walkers, and anyone interested in providing safe and accessible options for all travel modes, for people of all ages and abilities. To gather this input, the Town would like to have two members of the public join this group. Additionally, the group will be led by Beta Engineers, who are working with the Town to update the Prioritization Plan.

Interested residents can submit an email to by February 2, 2024, stating why they are interested and identifying their availability for meetings. Depending on the number of interested people, brief interviews may be held. It is expected that the Complete Streets Review Group will begin meeting in February. 

The Town Manager is seeking two interested residents to help update the Town's Prioritization Plan!

Please submit an email to by February 2, 2024 expressing your interest. 


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