Department Services

The Longmeadow Fire Department provides emergency services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by our on-duty, trained professionals. Those services include Emergency Medical Services, Hazardous Materials Response, Rescue services, and Fire Suppression. Other non-emergency services provided by the department are Fire Education and Fire Prevention

Emergency Medical Services

Our department provides emergency medical services by highly trained Paramedics and EMT's. Our ambulances operate at the Advanced Life Support level and are equipped to handle a wide array of medical emergencies. 

Fire Suppression

Our department provides fire suppression services to the Town of Longmeadow as well as surrounding communities via mutual aid agreements. We are equipped with 2 Fire Engines and a Ladder truck that provide our primary fire suppression along with various other support vehicles. 

Rescue Services

Our department is equipped to handle a variety of different types of rescues including but not limited to vehicle extrication, ice rescue, and water rescue. This is accomplished through specialized equipment and rigorous training. 

Hazardous Materials

Our department is equipped to respond to and identify various incidents involving hazardous materials. We have 3 members on the department who are certified at the HazMat-Technician Level. 

Fire Education

All members of the department are capable of providing various levels of fire education to the community. We have a team of department members who operate our SAFE Program which is responsible for visiting different elementary schools in the community and provides education to students on Fire Safety. 

Fire Prevention

In today's world, fire prevention is considered just as important, if not more important, than fire suppression. We have a dedicated Fire Prevention Officer who is responsible for enforcing fire code and conducting inspections along with a multitude of other responsibilities with the objective of preventing fires from occurring. For further information on Fire Prevention, please see our Fire Prevention page. 

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