The Longmeadow Fire Department is equipped to affect a number of different types of rescues.

Jaws of Life
Engine 2, our rescue engine, has a full compliment of hydraulic tools, more commonly known as the “jaws of life.” These tools are used to remove victims from motor vehicle collisions. Engine 2 also carries cribbing and rescue struts for stabilizing large objects, air bags for lifting heavy objects, and an assortment of tools necessary for rescue services.

Ice & Water Rescues
Squad 4 carries equipment for performing ice and water rescues. Squad 4 is capable of towing our boat, Marine 1, when it is not docked at the Pioneer Valley Yacht Club on the Connecticut River. Squad 4 also carries a variety of ropes and tools used for low angle rescues.
A fire truck and police car are on an accident scene where one car is upside down and the other has
2 officers in a Longmeadow Public Safety boat