Historical Commission

  • Meetings

  • 7:00 p.m.
  • Usually the third Thursday of the month, but check the date in the
    agenda link below

Meetings are held on a regular basis each month. Meeting times and locations are posted at the Town Hall and are listed on the Longmeadow Town Calendar. All meetings are open and public input is welcomed. You may contact the Commission by calling the Planning and Community Development Office at 413-565-4153.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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Its 7 members are appointed by the Select Board and serve 3-year terms. 

  • Margaret Cohn, Chair, exp. 2024
  • Tom King, Vice Chair, exp. 2026
  • David Marinelli, exp. 2024
  • Steve Weiss, exp. 2024
  • Jerold Duquette, exp. 2024
  • Bret Lukezic, exp. 2024
  • Aime Clark, exp. 2026

About the Board

Operating under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 40, Section 8d, the Longmeadow Historical Commission is a municipal agency. The purpose of the Longmeadow Historical Commission is to plan and implement programs for the identification, evaluation, preservation and protection of Longmeadow’s historic places. The Historical Commission works in an advisory capacity to other town commissions and boards to ensure that historic preservation is considered in planning for future Longmeadow development.


The mission of the Longmeadow Historical Commission is to identify, preserve, and educate the Town about its unique historic heritage.


The Longmeadow Historical Commission collaborates with the other historical bodies in Town, the Historic District Commission and the Longmeadow Historical Society, to promote the value of history, to educate the public regarding the history of the Town and to encourage historic preservation in Longmeadow. The 3 entities are often confused, but each has a distinct role in the Town. The Historic District Commission, also a public body, is responsible solely for regulatory design review of properties within the Longmeadow Historic District. The Longmeadow Historical Society is a private, nonprofit organization that works to educate the public on pertinent historical matters, preserve the Storrs House museum, and maintain historical collections and records.


Recent accomplishments of the Longmeadow Historical Commission include:

  • Identification of historical resources and creation of Areas of Historical Significance in Longmeadow, MA  to educate citizens and Town boards about these resources
  • Coordination with Historical District Commission to add 7 homes to the Longmeadow Historical District
  • Assistance to Board of Assessors to correct build dates on its database
  • Inventorying and working to preserve newly discovered historic Town documents
  • Facilitation of the collaboration of three historical organizations in Longmeadow
  • Creation of historical preservation shelf at Storrs Library
  • Coordination of 225th anniversary celebration of Town’s incorporation.
  • Establishment of Historic Preservation Awards
  • Collaboration with the Community Preservation Commission to preserve several of the Town’s historical resources
  • Advice provided to Town boards regarding potential impact of proposed projects on historical resources
  • Establishment of the National Register District that encompasses the north end of Longmeadow Street
  • Facilitation of a comprehensive survey of all pre-1950 structures by Boston University graduate students
  • Advocacy for preservation of the unique historical character of Chandler Avenue before the Planning Board and the Town
  • Promotion of the demolition delay bylaw to protect antique structures in Town


Current projects include ensuring all structures built prior to 1911 have a completed survey in MACRIS and creating an updated Plan for Historic Preservation for the Town.

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