Longmeadow Newcomers’ Club

Celebrating more than 50 years of forging friendships, Longmeadow Newcomers Club is social club for women who have recently moved to Longmeadow.  We use the term "new" to Longmeadow loosely, and welcome you, if you have been in town 5 days or 5 years!  The club provides numerous opportunities for new residents to get to know one another and feel at home in their new town.  Last year, we hosted almost 30 different fun events! And while this is a social club for women, we do host 2-3 events a year, where spouses/partners are welcome to join in.  If you would like to be added to our guest list or like more information, please email us at LongmeadowNewcomers@yahoo.com.

Additional Information

For more information please email us: LongmeadowNewcomers@yahoo.com, visit the our webpage: LongmeadowNewcomers.club or find us on our Group Facebook page: Longmeadow Newcomers.