Education Visioning

Educational Visioning is a catalyst for the design of the final solution for Longmeadow High School. It enables the architects to measure their building concepts against the current educational standards and the goals and values articulated in the visioning sessions.

The Educational Visioning process included an evaluation of the high school’s educational delivery and facilities today and a projection of the future for both. The Educational Visioning report contains the result of that evaluation. Some examples of barriers to effective educational delivery in the current Longmeadow High School facility include the lack of flexible learning spaces for educational projects that require team work, inadequate science labs, the absence of teacher centers for collaboration, a lack of support for applied learning and student presentations, and a sprawling building that deters interdisciplinary or community service learning.

Owner's Project Manager
The Owners Project Manager (OPM) and architects will create a matrix (which will be posted on the website) that will identify all of the possible design options evaluated against the educational specifications determined by the visioning process.

Overall Goal

It is the intent of the School Building Committee to develop a long term facility solution for the teaching and learning standards of the 21st century. This includes a building solution that has flexibility to adapt to changes in teaching and learning over the next half century.