Mission Statement:
The Town of Longmeadow’s Facilities Maintenance Department works as a team with efficiency, professionalism, and excellence in support of the District’s mission and the needs of our community to effectively maintain all Town buildings and schools. Our primary objective is maintaining school buildings in a manner which is conducive to a positive learning experience, as well as all buildings in a manner that provides a safe and comfortable environment.

Longmeadow’s Facility Maintenance Department is operated under the Department of Public Works. The Facilities Maintenance Department maintains seven major Town buildings, six schools, and all park buildings including: camp sheds, pool bath houses, concession stands, and related Facilities.

  • We strive to care for facilities and building systems in the best manner possible within the resources available to us.
  • We will seek out innovative techniques, ideas, incentives, savings, and new technologies to stretch our budget dollars and be as cost efficient as possible.
  • We will create and maintain a working environment for all employees conducive to good communications, skills enhancement, and professional development.
  • We will work with all departments and assist them with fulfilling their goals and requirements as appropriate whenever it is within our capacity to do so.
  • We will always look for ways to improve and enhance our operations while striving for excellence and becoming the best we can be.
  • We will conserve energy by ensuring that the maximum results are obtained by utilizing the most efficient measures.
Nick Georgantas
Facilities Director
413-567-3400 (phone)
413-567-9018 (fax)