Art-ventures Fairies and Dragons


Grades: 1 - 6

Dates: July 10 - 14

Times: Monday - Friday, 9:00am - Noon

Location: Community House Auditorium

Fee: $197

Enter the fantasy world of imagination where fairies fly and unicorns roam. Art-venturers unleash their inner elves as they conjure up fire-breathing dragons, transform colorful clay into silly goblin masks, and create winged fairies or armored knight dolls. 

Sculpt bedazzling unicorns with rainbow manes, design witch or wizard figurines, and build wooden fairy houses with real shells, stones, moss and more. 

Paint ceramic unicorn banks and create your own dragon or mermaid t-shirts! With the aid of some very magical potions and spells (i.e. materials and techniques), campers experience painting, drawing, stained glass, ceramic, fabric, and clay art. 

Enjoy an enchanted week of two and three dimensional works of art! Fairies and Dragons storytelling is included, as well as surprises and humor. Fun, fantasy-filled art-ventures! 

Please pack a peanut/tree nut free snack and water daily.

fairies and dragons image

For more information or to register online please visit Online Registration.


Pair this program with Mad Science Eureka! for a full day experience and save $35!

Register Here for BOTH