What is the AMR Meter Project Program?
This is a mandatory meter upgrade program that will replace existing water meters (inside) and replace remote readers (outside) with a new Automatic Meter Reading system (AMR) allowing the Longmeadow Water Department to obtain readings using radio frequency technology.

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1. What is the AMR Meter Project Program?
2. How does the meter reading system work?
3. Is there a cost to your customers?
4. Who will be installing the upgrade?
5. How do I schedule an appointment?
6. When will I expect by meter to be replaced?
7. Do I have to be present for the upgrade work?
8. What can I do as a customer to make the installation smoother?
9. What work is involved at my property?
10. How long will the installation upgrade take?
11. How long will a commercial installation take?
12. Does this mean no more meter readers?