How does the meter reading system work?
Each radio frequency remote transmits the reading to a portable laptop which will be located in a Public Works vehicle. This vehicle will be able to drive through the entire town and read all the meters in 2 days. The reading information will then be transferred to the Public Works Office for billing. Each remote has a unique identification number that ensures that only your reading is being assigned to your account. Your account will continue to be billed in the manner that it is presently. The meter reading system will improve service to all of our customers by eliminating misreads and allows more efficient monitoring of water consumption throughout the town, which will allow better water rate control and other customer service enhancements.

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1. What is the AMR Meter Project Program?
2. How does the meter reading system work?
3. Is there a cost to your customers?
4. Who will be installing the upgrade?
5. How do I schedule an appointment?
6. When will I expect by meter to be replaced?
7. Do I have to be present for the upgrade work?
8. What can I do as a customer to make the installation smoother?
9. What work is involved at my property?
10. How long will the installation upgrade take?
11. How long will a commercial installation take?
12. Does this mean no more meter readers?