Who will be installing the upgrade?
The Town has contracted a professional installer, East National Water LLC to handle the installation. All of the installers will have appropriate photo identification on them at all times. If you would like to confirm that the contractor is working in your neighborhood, please call East National Water at 800-252-8556.

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1. What is the AMR Meter Project Program?
2. How does the meter reading system work?
3. Is there a cost to your customers?
4. Who will be installing the upgrade?
5. How do I schedule an appointment?
6. When will I expect by meter to be replaced?
7. Do I have to be present for the upgrade work?
8. What can I do as a customer to make the installation smoother?
9. What work is involved at my property?
10. How long will the installation upgrade take?
11. How long will a commercial installation take?
12. Does this mean no more meter readers?