What other sites were considered?

We ruled out indoors because of concerns about air quality and scientific analysis that showed increased risks for inside locations. If participants were all masked and distanced in different areas of the High School, it would add length to the meeting, as every vote on every motion would require communication with assistant moderators who would have to call the vote in each room. We considered both the High School asphalt parking lot and the football stadium. The parking lot would get too hot, and its distance from the building would make logistics for electronics more difficult. There would be limited space due to the use of part of the lot for parking. The football stadium has more limited bathroom facilities. Some also felt the field or track might get damaged. Its distance from the parking lot would make walking to the site more difficult. The Practice Field is the perfect middle-ground compromise. It is cooler, it offers sufficient space. There is an area for a natural stage that would reduce the cost to the town for staging equipment. It’s closer to the bathrooms than any other location. The team inspected the grassy surface and found it in good condition.

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1. Can we have a town meeting?
2. How did the date get chosen for June 23?
3. Have the numbers declined?
4. Why is this outside?
5. What measures will be taken to create a safe environment for people?
6. Should anyone stay home?
7. If I work in healthcare, may I participate?
8. How do we get in?
9. What are the procedures for check-in?
10. May I sit wherever I want?
11. Can I bring my own chair or blanket?
12. Will the area be accessible?
13. What restroom facilities are available?
14. May I leave whenever I want?
15. May I bring children?
16. May I bring my dog/pet?
17. Can you take everyone’s temperature?
18. What public health guidance is the Town following?
19. What have you done to make sure everyone can hear?
20. Will visual aids be used?
21. Will there be an opportunity to learn more about the warrant articles?
22. Can we deliberate as we normally do?
23. What will the microphone set-up be like?
24. Will the meeting be long?
25. Why not have the meeting in July?
26. Can this be online?
27. Can’t we vote on articles by a ballot?
28. Are other towns having town meetings?
29. What other sites were considered?
30. Why couldn’t we have a drive-in Town Meeting?
31. Will there be a visitors’ section?
32. What will we do if it rains?
33. Can we distribute literature or hold signs?