Who will staff the clinic?

The clinic is being organized and operated by the Town’s Emergency Management Department and Health Department. We have a dedicated Vaccine Coordinator and coordination team. The Fire department is providing much of the logistical support. However, we will be soliciting for volunteers in the next few weeks. We will be looking for medical professionals, administrative support, greeters, supply folks, and van drivers. Please stay tuned for the “Volunteers Needed Announcement”.

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1. When can I get my vaccine?
2. When will Longmeadow provide vaccinations?
3. How will I know when it’s time to get my vaccine?
4. Can I just show up at the clinic?
5. OK, how to I make an appointment?
6. I am not very good with the computer and don’t understand how to register, what can I do?
7. Where will the clinic be?
8. What vaccine will be available, can I choose?
9. How much does the vaccine cost?
10. What if I can’t get to the clinic?
11. What if I am homebound and cannot travel?
12. Who will staff the clinic?