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Wilson Boundless Playground

Subfacility of Bliss Park


  1. ADA Accessible
  2. Playground
In the fall of 2005, Longmeadow Parks and Recreation Department applied for and was awarded the grant that provides us today with distinction of boasting the only Boundless Playground in Western Massachusetts.

Hasbro Tribute

In a tribute to longtime President of the Hasbro Games Division, E. David Wilson, Hasbro, Incorporated awarded LPRD with a grant valued at $350,000 to build the 14,000 square foot playscape that features a Candyland Pathway, Monopoly cars, and life-size Twister Board.

Mr. Potato Head stands 6 feet tall at the entrance of the park, greeting all visitors. The facility also boasts large poured-in-place fall surfaces, a sand play area with digger trucks, both handicap-accessible and traditional swings, several variations of slides, a zip cord, tire swing, balance elements and climbing structures.


The Boundless philosophy is to provide a place to play for every child, of every ability, everywhere. The 45-acre Bliss Park, located on the corner of Bliss Road and Laurel Street, is a beautiful location for the playscape.