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Adult Center

  1. Food Pantry Donation
  1. Volunteer Application Screening

    Please fill out this form. We will contact you within 5 business days to schedule an interview and complete necessary paperwork for... More…

Assessors Office

  1. Motor Vehicle Excise - Online Submission Form

    Taxpayer Information, Abatement Application and/or Plate Cancellation or New Registration, Transfer of Ownership Documentation.

Building, Planning and Community Development


    Submit a request for enforcement of the Town's building code and/or Zoning Bylaw.

Clerks Forms

  1. Agenda for In-Person/Hybrid/Remote Board, Committee or Commission Meeting

    Boards, Committees and Commissions can use this form to post an agenda in compliance with the Open Meeting Law and Governor Baker's... More…

  1. Request for Public Records

    This form is to request information on public records


  1. Streetlight Modification Request Form

    New, Modify or Remove Streetlight Request

  1. Streetlight Outage


  1. Town of Longmeadow Emergency Management Special Event Form

    This form is intended to provide applicable Town Departments notice for permitting special events and coordination of health and public... More…

Select Board

  1. Application for Appointment or Re-Appointment to a Board, Committee or Commission
  2. Citizen Commendation Award Nomination Form

    The Citizen Commendation Award is presented to a citizen(s) for outstanding service and/or accomplishments to the Town of Longmeadow... More…

  3. Town of Longmeadow Block Party / Street Closure Application
  1. Application for Certificate for Renovation Construction in the Historic District
  2. Citizen of the Year Nomination Form

    The Citizen of the Year Award is presented annually at the Annual Town Meeting to a citizen who exemplifies a lifetime of distinguished... More…

Town Manager

  1. Filing a Claim (Personal Injury and Property Damage)

    Fill out this form If you incurred damages or injuries caused by roadway and sidewalk defects or potholes within town limits and are... More…

  2. Request Use of Town Seal
  1. Neighborhood Traffic Calming Application

Veterans' Services

  1. Application Chapter 115 Benefits

    Under Chapter 115 of Massachusetts General Laws (M.G.L. ch. 115), the Commonwealth provides a uniform program of financial and medical... More…