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Food Pantry Donation

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  2. The Longmeadow Food Pantry is OPEN by appointment to all families in our community, regardless of age. Please call 413-565-4150 to make an appointment. We are adding new families daily. Thank you to our very generous community for stepping up with donations to make sure we can continue to serve folks in need. Your generosity has been priceless. Here is a way to make a monetary donation to the Food Pantry to be used by COA Staff and volunteers to purchase food to keep items in stock during a time when we cannot hold food drives in attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19.
  3. Donation to "Town of Longmeadow" with FOOD PANTRY in Memo. Mailed to Town of Longmeadow, 20 Williams Street, Longmeaodow MA 01106 OR dropped in a mail slot at the Town Hall (same address) in a slot designated "Food Pantry."
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