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Application for Appointment or Re-Appointment to a Board, Committee or Commission

  1. Application for Appointment or Re-Appointment to Longmeadow Boards, Committees or Commissions
    To be qualified to serve on a board, committee or commission you must be a resident of the Town of Longmeadow and eligible to vote in Town elections.
  2. Registered Voter in Longmeadow:*
  3. Please select the board, committee or commission you have interest serving on:
  4. Have you, or are you currently, on another Town board, committee or commission: *
  5. The conflict of interest law seeks to prevent conflicts between private interests and public duties, foster integrity in public service, and promote the public's trust and confidence in that service.
  6. Important Information:
    The filing of this form does not guarantee my appointment. An application is kept on file for one fiscal year (July 1 - June 30); after that I must file a new application. Being appointed to a board, committee or commission means that I am considered a Municipal Employee under MGL Chapter 268A and thereby subject to Conflict of Interest Law MGL Chapter 268A, Financial Disclosure Law MGL Chapter 268B, as well as Open Meeting Law MGL Chapter 39: Section 23B. I understand that I will take the conflict of interest test after being appointed and that I also must be sworn in by the Town Clerk. I will contact the appointing authority with any questions about my service. Important: Once this form is submitted it becomes a public document, if there is information you do not want open to the public please do not include it on this form.
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