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Application for Certificate for Renovation Construction in the Historic District

  1. Longmeadow Historic District Commission
  2. Application For Certificate
  3. Please check the certificate applied for:
  4. Owner:
  5. Applicant (If different from owner):
  6. Please provide written proof of owner authorization. *This field is only required if the owner is not the applicant.

  7. Please be specific. (If Extension of or an Amendment to a Previously Approved Application please include Application Reference Number)

  8. Please include plans, photos, samples, drawings, or other devices to aid in the Commission’s understanding of the project here

  9. Signature

    By signing you agree to the following: All improvements shall be carried out as shown on the plans and specifications submitted by the applicant, except as modified and listed in the final issued certificate, all work shall be completed within 1 year of the application date (if you are unable to do this you may file for an extension), and you hereby agree to comply with the terms and conditions of this application. Please print your name as proof of consent.

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