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Citizen Commendation Award Nomination Form

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  2. The Citizen Commendation Award is awarded to individuals who perform an exceptional act or service wherein their contributions, performance and achievements provided exceptional benefits to the Town of Longmeadow in a given year. Multiple Citizen Commendation Awards may be presented.


    Citizens are encouraged to submit commendation award nominations for a citizen, community organization and/or groups, who deserve recognition for performing a service or act beyond what is normally expected in service to the Town and community. Written nominations should include the following information:


    1. The nominee’s service or act that contributed to the benefit of the Town of Longmeadow and community.
    2. Example(s) of how the service or act performed by the nominee has positively influenced the community.  


    The Citizen Commendation Award will be announced annually at the Annual Town Meeting. The recipient(s) will receive a certificate of commendation and will have their name listed on a new “Citizen Commendation Award” plaque.

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