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Neighborhood Traffic Calming Application

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  2. To improve the safety and livability of Longmeadow’s residential streets and neighborhoods, traffic calming measures may be implemented where appropriate. A safer street is welcoming to all modes of transportation.

    More information about traffic calming can be found on the Longmeadow, Massachusetts Website here

    To submit an application, please complete the below form. Thank you!

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  3. Have you read the Traffic Calming information page on the Longmeadow website? *
  4. Are you applying on behalf of a neighborhood association? *
  5. Please indicate the street address or intersection for which you are seeking traffic calming.

  6. Please briefly explain the traffic issue at this street or intersection. Common issues include but are not limited to excessive speed, crashes, or unsafe walking conditions.

  7. Previous Applications*

    To the best of your knowledge, has anyone previously submitted a request through the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program to address this issue?

  8. Please include any evidence of support for this application from other residents near the address or intersection. This may include, but is not limited to signatures on a petition or letters of support. If you are applying on behalf of a Neighborhood Association, please include some formal indication of the Association’s support for this application. Note that this application and neighborhood support does not guarantee that work will be done.

  9. Traffic Calming Approaches

    Please indicate whether your neighborhood supports traffic calming approaches that may include one or more of the following:

  10. Supplemental Documentation

    If you would like to share supplemental documentation as part of your application, such as photos, videos, or data, please email them in a zipped file to

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